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SkyView HDX Features

Dynon Certified panels feature SkyView HDX, Dynon’s flagship integrated avionics platform that replaces your legacy equipment with a modern, affordable system. SkyView HDX’s superb touch screen works with ergonomic knobs and buttons to offer positive, intuitive controls in all flight conditions.
SkyView HDX can do it all:

  • Clear, Vibrant Displays: SkyView HDX features bright, high-resolution HD displays with wide viewing angles for the sharpest picture ever from Dynon.

  • Beautiful Design: SkyView HDX’s modern, elegant design features robust metal and glass construction that is worthy of your aircraft.

  • Unrivaled Control Ergonomics: SkyView HDX combines full physical controls with a touchscreen, allowing unrivaled control and performance in all flight conditions - especially turbulence.

  • Touch Interface: SkyView HDX features icon-driven touch controls and simplified screen navigation for reduced workload. An expansive glass display features edge-to-edge touchability with no bezel in the way.

  • Capable and Compatible: SkyView HDX uses Dynon’s remote SkyView Network modules and components to allow clean, elegant panel layouts. SkyView HDX features seamless compatibility with today’s best IFR navigators like the Avidyne IFD series.

Not Just for VFR

Installing SkyView HDX does not change aircraft certification basis or operating limitations. All primary flight instruments, including attitude, are fully IFR capable, with backup provided by an independent second EFIS. SkyView HDX is additionally compatible with popular IFR navigators like the Avidyne IFD series and the GTN/GNS series.

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